Travel to Ukraine

Visa to Ukraine

Rules of Entry and Departure from Ukraine for Foreigners

Entry of foreigners and citizens without citizenship to Ukraine

For today the Ukrainian Law determines both visa and visa-free entry for the citizens of foreign countries (foreign citizens and persons without citizenship) into Ukraine.
The entry (departure) of foreigners to Ukraine is regulated by the Law of Ukraine about legislative status of foreigners from 4 February 1994, by the Rules of entry of foreigners to Ukraine, their departure from Ukraine and transit way through its territory (Cabinet of Ministers regulations from 29 December 1995 N1074) and by Rules of registration of visa documents for the entry to Ukraine.

The foreigners enter (departure) from Ukraine through the check points at the state border by passport and in the case of visa presence, if any other order is not established by the Law of Ukraine. All visa categories are registered by the diplomatic representations and consular establishments of Ukraine abroad. On the territory of Ukraine the Department of consular service of Ministry of foreign affairs registers diplomatic visas for the terms of accreditation of diplomatic worker and official visas for the workers of foreign affairs departments for the foreign countries who have service passport, workers of foreign mass media, as well as for members of their families for the term of work of their service card.

The term of operation can be prolonged on the territory of Ukraine. Diplomatic and service visas, granted to the diplomatic personnel, workers of diplomatic representations, consular establishments, international and other organizations accredited in Ukraine, are prolonged by the Department of Consular service of Minister of Foreign affairs. Other types of visas are prolonged by the divisions of Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to the regulations of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 20 February 1999 N227 registration of visas for the foreigners is held according to the purpose of their trip to Ukraine and with presence of appropriate documents. Depending on period of visa operation,

visas are divided into:
-short-termed (are granted for the period up to 6 months)
-long-termed (are granted for the period from 6 months to 1 year)

Visas are also divided into:

During the temporal stay in Ukraine foreigners or persons without citizenship do not have the right to change the status of their stay to any other.
From 1 July 2001 according to the President Law "About additional measures as for the realization of human rights for the indepence of transfer and free choice of accommodation" N435 from 15 June 2001 registration of foreigners who enter Ukraine is carried out only at the check points at the state border of Ukraine by the members of State Committee as for the affairs of state border protection. Further registration of foreigners, who on legal ground temporarly stay in Ukraine in the divisions of internal affais is not held.

In the case of passport loss on the territory of Ukraine the foreigner has to report to the organisation that receives him and divisions of internal affairs that give his a certificate that the passport is lost. After the receiving of national passport on the basis of personal and his organization's application forms in diplomatic embassy or consular establishment of his country, the division of internal affairs makes the decision about granting of exit visa and registration of national passport of foreigner.

Departure of foreigners and persons without citizenship from Ukraine

Foreigners and persons without citizenship who temporarily stay in Ukraine leave the country in the same order as they have entered Ukraine.
According to the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from June, 5, 2000 N910 the foreigners and the persons without citizenship who permanently stay in Ukraine, stay in Ukraine with the purpose of employment, or study in higher educational establishments of Ukraine can go abroad in accordance with their passport documents with the appropriate marks and residence permits.
Transit way of foreigners through the territory of Ukraine is permitted with presence of transit Ukrainian visa, visa of destination country, tickets or other documents approving transit character of their trip.
Citizens of the states with which Ukraine have concluded international agreements about visa-free trips can enter Ukraine with the valid national passport, the insurance policy and properly registered invitation (in the original) from legal or physical persons in Ukraine (if other procedure is not provided by the international treaty). The visa-free movement has also left across the CIS countries (according to the Agreement on visa-free movement of citizens of the CIS countries from October, 9, 1992) and with Russia and Byelorussia (according to the concluded Agreements).

Types of Visa and Documents Necessary for Visa Registration

P-1 ( Private visa) - the standard invitation which has been registered by the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the invitation of medical establishment in Ukraine and other documents which approve the private character of trip.

P-2 (Private visa) - personal application and results of interview with the official of Ukrainian embassy or consular establishment representative who is authorized to make decision concerning issuing of visa, and the documents that confirm the Ukrainian origin of the foreigner or the person without citizenship.

B (Business visa) - standard invitation, which has been properly registered by the bodies of Ministry of Internal Affairs.

(Tourist visa) - documents set that prove tourist character of the trip.

H (Visa for the representatives of humanitarian missions) - proof of the Commission of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on problems of coordination, reception, transportation and protection of the humanitarian help, which comes from the foreign states.

L (Visa for the members of rescue services) - proof issued by the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

O (Student's visa) - standard invitation for the studies issued by the Ministry of Education.

M (Visa for mass media representatives) - order of Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine concerning the registration of visa.

R (Visa for the representatives of religious missions) - invitation from the religious organization certificated by the State Religion Committee

TR-1 (Transit visa) - document, which proves transit character of the trip, the visa to the third country, the ticket etc.

TR-2 (Transit visa) - documents, which confirm transit character of the cargo transportation by motor transport and passenger bus transport through the territory of Ukraine.

IM-1 (Immigration visa) - work permission, issued by the Ministry of Labor.

IM-2 (Immigration visa) - permission of local executive power authority for permanent residence in Ukraine.
Visas of other types are issued on the background of the requests of state authorities of foreign states, international organizations, invitations of the ministries, other central executive authorities and also standard invitations of natural and juridical persons in Ukraine.
The invitation is not required for issuing visas of some types for the citizens of the following countries: the European Union countries, Canada, Slovakia, USA, Turkey, Switzerland and Japan (the regulations of the Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine from May, 05 2000 N750, from September, 01, 2000 N1376, from February, 07, 2001 N113, from February, 28, 2001 N192).
In case of necessity the official worker of embassy or consular establishment of Ukraine may require other documents, which specify the purpose of the trip or invite a person for additional interview.

Countries with Visa-free Regime for Entering Ukraine and Documents Necessary

The Argentina Republic- official, diplomatic or service passports;
The Azerbaijan Republic - documents certifying personality and confirm the citizenship;
Belarus - documents that prove the personality and attest the citizenship;
Republic Bulgaria - diplomatic or service passports;
Federative Republic of Brazil - diplomatic and service passports;
Republic of Armenia - documents certifying personality and confirm the citizenship;
Socialist Republic Vietnam - diplomatic and service passports;
Republic Guinea - diplomatic and service passports;
Georgia - the appropriate validity documents for the trip abroad;
The Estonian Republic - diplomatic passports;
The state Israel - diplomatic passports;
Islamic Republic Iran - diplomatic and service passports;
Republic of Kazakhstan - documents certifying personality and confirm the citizenship;
Chinese People's Republic - national, diplomatic and service passports;
The Kirghiz Republic - documents certifying personality and confirm the citizenship;
The Korean People's Democratic Republic - diplomatic and service passports;
Republic Cuba - diplomatic and service passports;
Laotian People's Democratic Republic - diplomatic and service passports;
The Latvian Republic - diplomatic passports and service passports;
The Lithuanian Republic - diplomatic and service passports;
The Mexican United States - diplomatic passports;
Moldova - documents certifying personality and confirm the citizenship;
Mongolia - the appropriate validity documents for the trip abroad;
Republic Poland - the appropriate validity documents for the trip abroad;
The Russian Federation - documents that prove the personality and attest the citizenship;
Romania - the appropriate validity documents for the trip abroad;
Slovak Republic - diplomatic and service passports;
United Federative Republic of Yugoslavia - diplomatic and service passports;
Tajikistan - documents that prove the personality and attest the citizenship;
Turkish Republic - diplomatic, service, as well as special passports;
Turkmenistan - diplomatic and service passports;
The Hungarian Republic - the appropriate validity documents for the trip abroad;
Republic of Uzbekistan - documents that prove the personality and attest the citizenship;
Republic Croatia - diplomatic and service passports;
Republic of Chile - official, diplomatic and service passports

Please note the list of documents is to be submitted for all visas:

1. Passport or other travel document valid for at least one month after the expiration date of the requested visa and having at least one blank visa designated pages

2. One Visa Application Form per travel document holder - answered completely and legibly printed in ink or typed, dated and personally signed by the applicant aged 16 or over or by a parent or a legal guardian of the applicant.

3. One photo - recent, passport-sized

4. Supporting documents - related to the purpose of entry, must be submitted in support of the Application for: Business Visa, Visa for Religious Mission, Visa for Humanitarian Mission, Visa for Members of Rescue Services, Student Visa, Visa for Mass Media Staff, Private Visa, Tourist Visa ,Transit Visa, Immigration Visa, Visa for International Transport Service Staff, Cultural Visa, Scientific Visa.

The Consulate has absolute authority to estimate and request for more documents than those submitted by the applicant.

Embassies of Foreign Countries in Ukraine

Ivana Franko str., 33
phone: 8(044) 220-5759
fax: 227-5465


Bezakivskaya str., 18
phone: 8(044) 225-7586
fax: 246-4223


Pimonenko str., 15
phone: 8(044) 461-9255
fax: 461-9244


Bogdana Khmelnitskogo str., 64
phone: 8(044) 216-7150
fax: 216-7008


Shota Rustaveli str., 16
phone: 8(044) 220-5087
fax: 246-7837


Chervonozoryaniy prospekt, 48
phone: 8(044) 244-8649


Institutskaya str., 4
phone: 8(044) 229-0806


Yanvarskogo Vosstaniya str., 6
phone: 8(044) 290-0201
fax: 290-3413


Bogdana Khmelnitskogo str., 58
phone: 8(044) 219-2677


Gospitalnaya str., 1
phone: 8(044) 246-7237
fax: 224-9929


Tolstogo str., 11, office 10
phone: 8(044) 225-3525
fax: 224-5521


Turgenivskaya str., 40
phone: 8(044) 246-9557
fax: 246-9553


Desytinnaya str., 9
phone: 462-0011
fax: 462-0013

Great Britain

Reytarskaya str., 33
phone: 8(044) 212-4004
fax: 212-2090


Leskova str.,5
fax: 295-2837


Olesya Gonchara str., 84
phone: 8(044) 216-1477, 216-7498
fax: 216-9233


Turgenvskaya str., 21
phone: 8(044) 216-1905, 216-9834
fax: 216-8105


Sofievskaya str., 19
phone: 8(044) 229-5730, 229-1853
fax: 229 1338


Kudryashova str., 9
phone: 8(044) 246-1070
fax: 246-1071


Vladimirskya str., 45
phone: 8(044) 229-3340
fax: 229-1831


Observatornaya str., 19
phone: 8(044) 212-1327, 216-6530
fax: 216-9428


bulvar Lesi Ukrainki, 34
phone: 8(044) 295-6925, 295-6216,
294 -9748
fax: 294-9736


Terehina str., 4
phone: 8(044) 435-6661
fax: 435-6619


Dmitrievskaya str., 18/24
phone: 244-6288
fax: 216-4094


Kruglouniversitetskaya str., 12
phone: 8(044) 229-4463
fax: 229-3255


Horivastr., 46
phone: 8(044) 492 73 20
fax: 492 73 26


Yaroslavov Val str., 32-a
phone: 8(044) 464-0531
fax: 464-0538


bulvar Tarasa Shevchenko, 56
phone: 8(044) 224-1208
fax: 290-5162


Melnikova str., 26
phone: 8(044) 241-3858
fax: 213-1198


Yaroslavov Val str., 31
phone: 8(044) 464-1144
fax: 464-1133


Artema str., 51/50
phone: 8(044) 219-1397
fax: 246-8889


Grushevskogo str., 32
phone: 8(044) 293-1049, 293-4114
fax: 293-7371


Dmitreevskaya str., 18/24
phone: 8(044) 246-9884, 216-3605
aen: 244-7393


Vladimirskaya str., 43
phone: 8(044) 246-3761
fax: 246-3757


Bekhterevskiy pereulok, 5
phone: 8(044) 216-2930
fax: 216-1907


Degtyarevskaya str., 25/1
phone: 8(044) 243-6194
fax: 219-3586


Desyatinnaya str., 4/6
phone: 8(044) 462-0708
fax: 229-2745


Streletskaya str., 15
phone: 8(044) 224-6622
fax: 244-6624


Gorkogo str., 22
phone: 8(044) 227-1042
fax: 227-4372


Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 9/2 office 31
phone: 8(044) 247-6929
fax: 244-3623


Borychev tok str., 28 e. 29
phone: 8(044) 416-6350
fax: 416-3140


Yanvarskogo vostaniya str., 6
phone: 8(044) 290-7721
fax: 290-7722


Yuriya Kotsubinskogo str., 3
phone: 8(044) 216-8891, 216-8751


Streletskaya str., 15
phone: 8(044) 224-0066
fax: 229-6696


Staronavodnitskaya str., 8
phone: 8(044) 295-7776, 294-6892


Yaroslavov Val str., 12
phone: 8(044) 224-6308, 228-6655
fax: 229-3575


Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str.,
9/2 e.12
phone: 8(044) 227-2442, 247-5718
fax: 227-2066


Vozduhoflotskiy pospekt, 27
phone: 8(044) 244-0963, 244-0961
fax: 246-3469


Mikhaila Kotsubinskogo str., 8
phone: 8(044) 224-4316


Yaroslavov Val str., 34
phone: 8(044) 212-0310, 212-1310
fax: 212-0908


Mikhaila Kotsubinskogo str., 10
phone: 8(044) 244-7350
fax: 246-9750


Desyatinnaya str., 4/6
phone: 8(044) 212-8483
fax: 212-8158


Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 44
phone: 8(044) 227-7220, 244-9302
fax: 220-8655


Arsenalanaya str., 18
phone: 8(044) 294-9964
fax: 295-6423


Pushkinskaya str., 6
phone: 8(044) 229-3449
fax: 229-3034


Vladimirskaya str., 16
phone: 8(044) 228-1246
fax: 229-5509


Leyptsigskaya str., 3a
phone: 8(044) 573-8210


Streletskaya str., 14
phone: 8(044) 228-7049, 228-7551
fax: 228-2032


Reytarskaya str., 39
phone: 8(044) 228-8728, 228-7369
fax: 229-0870


Sechevih Streltsov str., 51/20
phone: 8(044) 216-5862
fax: 2446943


Yaroslavov Val str., 34a
phone: 8(044) 212-0807, 224-6180
fax: 229-7469

Czech Republic

Suvorova str., 4/6
phone: 8(044) 290-2040
fax: 290-4170


Fedorova str., 12
phone: 8(044) 220-5473, 220-5386
fax: 246-6513


Ivana Franko str., 34/33
phone: 8(044) 462-0580, 462-0581
fax: 462-0583


Vladimirskaya str., 61/11
phone: 8(044) 224-8361, 229-5668
fax: 234-1403


Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 9/2
phone: 8(044) 227-7172, 227-3789
fax: 220-7206

South African Republic

Voloshskaya str., 4
phone: 8(044) 416-6060
Oaen: 416-6047


Muzeyniy pereulok, 4
phone: 8(044) 462-0019, 462-0020
fax: 247-5500


Embassies of Ukraine in Foreign Countries

The list of Embassies of Ukraine in foreign countries you can find using the links below:

International Organizations in Ukraine

United Nations in Ukraine

address: Klovsky Uzviz, 1
phone: 8(044) 253 93 63

UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

address: Sichnevogo Povstannya str., 32a
phone: 8(044) 288 94 24

NATO information and documentation center

address: Melnikova str., 36/1
phone: 246-8616, 246-8617

OSCE mission in Ukraine

address: Streletskaya str., 15
phone: 228-1031, 228-4676

Ukrainian Red Cross Society

address: Pushkinskaya str., 30
phone: 8(044) 288 16 58

European Bank

address: Sofievskaya str., 27/23
phone: 464-0132

World Bank (WB)

address: Lysenko str., 2
phone: 8(044) 490 66 71

Important Calls

Emergency services



Fire service




Ambulance service


Wreck gas


Wreck service water,
electric sewage systems



Airport "Borispol"

(+380 44) 490 4777

Airport "Zhulyany"

(+380 44) 242 2308

Bus station

(+380 44) 265 0430

River port

(+380 44) 416 7535

Railway station


Air tickets order and delivery


Taxi order


Airport Boryspil

Airport Boryspil is an International Airport that is located in Boryspil city in 15 km from the capital of Ukraine-Kyiv. The airport carries out hundreds of flights per month to different cities of Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

Boryspil (LATA KBP, UKBB) International airport was founded in 1959 on the basis of military airport. The same year started carriage and passengers transfers. In 1965 new Boryspil air station was opened. According to the order of Minister of transport of Ukraine from 11 March 1993 new State international airport was created in Boryspil.
The airport possesses three terminals: A, B and C

Terminal is guided on the service to passengers that travel in the borders of Ukraine. A comfortable waiting room (2-nd floor), toilet (first floor), currency exchange offices, air help, air companies representatives are located in this terminal. Close to terminal A one can find cozy cafes, guarded parking lot.

The offices for examination of aviation safety are located in the in the flight hall directly before leaving for landing. After passage of passport control passengers are waiting in the flight room for a proclamation of an invitation of appropriate flight to enter the check points for aviation safety examination. After the end of the procedure passengers are located in the waiting zones till the beginning of the landing to the plane.

In order to prevent the delay of flight passengers should preliminary come to check points for examination of aviation safety.
The main terminal of airport is guided on the service of the majority of the passengers that leave for close or faraway countries. Terminal possesses stores, cafes and bars, air companies representatives, travel companies, banks, Internet access, business center, storage rooms. The second floor of the terminal has Duty Free, restaurant.

Terminal is focused on service of VIP clients. It is located to the right from Terminal B, is provided by the guarded parking lot. The waiting room has convenient rooms for the rest, net services, halls luxurious banquet rooms, conference halls and telecommunication facilities. High level of service, maximum of attention to the customers wishes and friendly attitude are guaranteed.

Live flight information (Arrival):

Live flight information (Departure):

Flight search information:

Airport map (you can find it at the site of Boryspil airport)

If you need transportation to Kyiv or other airport we can arrange this trip for you.
You also can use the following company to order your way from Airport Boryspil to Kyiv:

Airlines in Some Countries, Which Can be Used in Order to Reach Ukraine

United Kingdom - British Airways -

Worldwide scheduled.
Fleet: Boeing 747, Boeing 777, Boeing 767, DC10, Boeing 757, Boeing 737, Jetstream 61, Airbus A320.
Address: Speedbird House, Heathrow Airport Hounslow, West Drayton, UB7 OGB, U.K.
Phone: (44-0181) 759-5511
Fax: (44-0181) 562-9930

USA - Delta Air Lines Inc. -

Worldwide scheduled.
Fleet: Boeing 777, Boeing 767, Boeing 757, Boeing 737, MD-11, MD-88, MD-90.
Address: Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia 30320-6001, USA.
Phone: (1-800) 221-1212

Slovenia - Adria Airways-

Scheduled in Europe, Russia, Middle East.
Fleet: A-320, Canadair CRJ 200.
Address: Kuzmiceva 7, Ljubljana, SI-1000, Slovenia.
Phone: (386-61) 436-2499
Fax: (386-61) 436-9233

Germany - Aero Lloyd Flugreisen GmbH & Co -

Charter to Europe, Middle East, North Africa before 16 October 2003; since 6 November 2003 resuscitated as a low-cost carrier.
Fleet: A321, A320.
Address: Lessingstrasse 7 - 9, D-61440 Oberursel/Ts., Germany.
Phone: (49-0180) 230-2949

Latvia - Air Baltic Corporation Sia

Scheduled in CIS, Europe.
Fleet: Boeing 737, Avro RJ 70, Fokker 50.
Address: 15 Kalku st., Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
Phone: (371-7) 207-777
Fax: (371-7) 224-282

Canada - Air Canada -

Worldwide scheduled.
Fleet: Boeing 747, Boeing 767, Boeing 737, A340, A330, A321, A320, A319, CRJ200, Beech 1900D.
Address: PO Box 14000, Station Airport Dorval, Quebec H4Y 1H4, Canada.
Phone: (1-514) 422-5000
Fax: (1-514) 422-50909

Italy - Air Europe -

Scheduled in Italy, Caribbean, Mauritius; worldwide charter.
Fleet: Boeing 777, Boeing 767, A-320.
Address: Via Carlo Noe, 3 Gallarate (VA), 21013, Italy.
Phone: (39-331) 77-21-11

France - Air France -

Worldwide scheduled.
Fleet: Boeing 747, Boeing 777, Boeing 737, A340, A330, A321, A320, A319, A318.
Address: 45 rue de Paris, 95747 Roissy, Charles de Gaulle (Paris), Cedex France.
Phone: (33 820) 820 820
E mail: tidewil@AIRFRANCE.FR

Khazakhstan - Air Kazakhstan -

Scheduled in CIS, East Asia, Middle East.
Fleet: A310, An-24, Boeing-737, Il-86, Tu-134, Tu-154, Yak-42.
Address: 14, Ogareva str., Almaty 480079, Kazakhstan.
Phone: (7-3272) 572-982
Fax: (7-3272) 572503

Malta - Air Malta -

Air Malta p.l.c., Head Office, Luqa, LQA 01, MALTA G.C.
Tel: +356 2169 0890, 2299 9000
Fax: +356 2167 3241

Russia - Aviaexpresscruise

The address: Russia, Moscow, Leningrad pr-t, 37, kor. 1, 218a
Phone: (095) 155-5839, 155-6305, (86531) 59520

Bulgaria - Balkan Bulgarian Airlines -

Yugoslavia - Aviogenex Ltd. -

Fleet: Boeing 727, Boeing 737.
Address: Vladimira Popovica 8, 11070, Belgrade Yugoslavia
Phone: (381-11) 311-9385
Fax: (381-11) 311-1017

Romania - Carpatair S.A. -

Scheduled domestic, in Moldova, Europe.
Fleet: SAAB 340B, Yak-40.
Address: Str. Vasile Conta nr. 3-5 ap.72, Bucharest, Romania.
Phone: (40-1) 314-7975, 314-7962
Fax: (40-1) 313-4174

Denmark - Cimber Air -

Egypt - Egypt Air -

Worldwide scheduled.
Fleet: Boeing 747, Boeing 777, Boeing 767, Boeing 737, A340, A300, A320, 321.
Address: Cairo Airport, Cairo, Egypt.
Phone: (20-2) 245-0260
Fax: (20-2) 245-9316

Estonia - Estonian Air -

Spain - Iberia -

Worldwide scheduled.
Fleet: Boeing 747, Boeing 757, Boeing 737, A340, A300, A320, A321, MD-87, CRJ-200, ATR-72, DHC-8, Fokker 50.
Address: 130 Velazquez, Zona Industrial No. 2, La Munoza, Madrid, E-28006, Spain.
Phone: (34-91) 1587-4747
Fax: (34-91) 1587-7329

Packing luggage. What to bring to Ukraine?

Travelers are suggested to carry passport, money, clothes set, boots, cosmetics or other toiletries, medicines.

In the case you want to take a COMPUTER with yourself, you have to remember that electrical current in Ukraine runs on 220v/60Hz. You can purchase adapter preliminary. The sticker on the bottom of your computer (laptop) will show you necessary parameters.

CLOTHES - clothes you bring with yourself should be comfortable, durable and easy-to-car-of. Winter in Ukraine is pretty cold (-10 - 15C), so you have to bring warm clothes (sweaters, jackets, pants, cap, gloves), if you come in summer time, it will be not a problem for you to feel comfortable, as climate here is warm and mild, so any T-shirts, shirts, light natural trousers, shorts are recommended.
washcloths, shower cap, dual voltage hair dryer,
Shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, soap, shaving items, deodorant, Q-Tips
moisturizer/lotion, toilet paper, pocket-sized tissues, tampons/sanitary pads, powder cosmetics, cotton balls, perfume/cologne, dental floss, handy-wipes.

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